14 Fun Facts about The Crop Over Festival.

Facts on Crop Over Barbados

Crop Over is one of the oldest festivals in the Western Hemisphere Dating back to the colonial period, the first Crop Over festival was in 1687! It looked a lot different from today (no bikinis and jewels) but a lot of the traditions are still practised and celebrated.   The festival celebrates the harvesting of […]

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1 Week in Barbados – A Family Friendly Itinerary

Barbados Itinerary

   Make the most of your week in the paradise island of Barbados by following our family friendly recommended itinerary. We got the planning so you can enjoy the relaxing!   Saturday – Day 1: Arrive at Craggy Nook and get settled in with your family. Check out the beach and enjoy the sunset from […]

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Perks of Traveling to Barbados in Summer or Fall.

Best time to travel to Barbados

  You have finally decided on beautiful Barbados as your next vacation destination, but when is the best time to visit Barbados? You can visit the island year-round as Barbados is blessed with over 3000 hours of sunshine a year and an average temperature of 27 degrees, but here are some extra incentives and perks […]

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The Best of the Barbados Coasts

Barbados Coasts

Photo by Instagram user @its.barbados The Best of the Barbados Coasts North, south, east or west coast? Each of the coasts has something unique to offer. From the rugged north coast and scenic east coast to the lively south coast and calm west coast. While you may already have your favourite coast (we are team […]

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How you can Help the Barbados Sea Turtles Survive.

barbados sea turtle

  Barbados is a nesting ground to 2 of the world’s rarest sea creatures, the Hawksbill and Leatherback turtles. These endangered animals are protected in Barbados and carefully monitored by the Barbados Sea Turtle Project (BSTP) based at the University of The West Indies. The BSTP is working to educate locals and visitors on these […]

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A Checklist to the Ultimate Couples Getaway to Barbados.

  Love is in the air and it smells like a cool tropical sea breeze, rolling off the ocean. Romance and adventure await you on your couples getaway to Barbados. Follow this guide to fall in love all over again, not just with your loved one but with the paradise island known as Barbados.   […]

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18 Reasons to Visit Barbados in 2018

Do your travel plans for 2018 include a trip to Barbados? Here are 18 reasons why you should visit Barbados this year.   Easy to Fly to Barbados has daily, direct flights from major cities in the USA, UK, Canada & Europe. You can view the flights arriving today here. The Barbados airport is an […]

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Christmas in Barbados vs the Rest of the World.

  Dreaming of a white sandy Christmas? Imagine sipping on sorrel under a coconut tree listening to a tropical remix of your favourite Christmas carols (listen to some here). Here is a look at Christmas in Barbados verses 10 other countries. Comment to let us know where you will be spending Christmas this year.   […]

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51 Things to Know about Barbados for the 51st Independence Day.

  Barbados Independence Day is right around the corner. As we reflect on 51 years of being an independent nation we wanted to share 51 fun facts about Barbados.   Barbados has a population of 285,984 people (2017)   The people of Barbados are officially called Barbadian but more commonly known as Bajans (BAY-jens). Like […]

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Top 6 Historical Spots to visit in Barbados

  Barbados has a rich history and culture shaped by West African and British influences. Step back in time when you visit these top 6 historical spots in beautiful Barbados.     St. Nicholas Abbey One of only three genuine Jacobean mansions in the Western Hemisphere, the stunning St. Nicholas Abbey is a must visit! […]

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